Friday, December 30, 2011

Hey ya'll, 

I'm a newbie to this blog thing but Danish has inspired me to start one. Where to start? I'm not really sure.. 
I guess an introduction is in order:
I call myself Shapple and I've recently opened a shop on Etsy called "Craft'em All Sai". The shop is named in collaboration with Danish in plans of opening "sister" shops. I mainly sell plastic items inspired by video games, animal print, and rainbows. I also have been working on knitting and crocheting, but they take a while to make and list so I only have one knitted item up at the moment. I also work with polymer clay, which was my main gateway into these other crafts, but it can take a while also so I don't use it too much. 
Right now I'm working on some scarves...
This is a circle scarf I made. I got the awesome pattern off someone’s blog but I can’t remember which one. It’s a really easy and good looking reverse pattern so I hope to make these in more colors soon.

This next one I call the Dead Bird scarf because well… that’s what it looks like.

Until next time, thanks for the gander!